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New Report examines U.S. values and Middle East policy

As U.S. government officials broker a new round of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in Washington, DC, a new report highlighting the testimonies of Israelis and Palestinians on the role of  United States policy in Israel and Palestine was released in Chicago.


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), an international peace and social justice organization, organized a mock Congressional hearing in President Obama’s Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago last spring to examine the impact of U.S. policies on property rights, freedom of movement, and military aid . Expert witnesses gave seldom-heard testimony to the public and a panel of distinguished academic, political, and faith leaders, raising issues critical to the prospects for peace in the region.


The 28-page online report of the hearing includes summaries of witness testimonies, background information on U.S. policy, as well as charts and maps that highlight the realities on the ground, and statistics on the impact of closure policies, military assaults, and military aid transfers.


“We feel this report is critical reading for all who are concerned about finding a just solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” said AFSC Middle East Program director in Chicago Miryam Rashid . “American values are not being upheld in our government’s policies in Israel and Palestine, and the reality is that negotiations will only succeed when human rights and international laws are no longer ignored.”


Video recordings of the mock Congressional Hearing are also available on the website.


For more information:
American Friends Service Committee, Chicago

Miryam Rashid, 312-427-2533 x18




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