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The Organizing Committee of the Chicago Hearing published a report and produced summary videos that state our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

In the future, we will discuss our findings, conclusions and recommendations with the media and elected officials at all levels of government. We will also engage in discussions with those who hold a wide range of viewpoints on the issue.

We believe that U.S. foreign policy on Israel and Palestine requires public dialogue, discussion and engagement. Vice President Biden's statement in March of 2010 that Israeli instransigence on settlements "undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq" (see Military Aid Fact Sheet) makes public engagement and dialogue imperative. America's unconditional diplomatic support for Israel in the UN and our failure to attach strings to our military and financial aid to Israel, fuels violence that threatens the security of us all including Jewish Israelis.

We seek opportunities in public forums to examine and discuss with others what the interests and values of the United States require from our foreign policy on Israel and Palestine. Contact Jennifer Bing-Canar at the American Friends Service Committee in Chicago (312-427-2533 x19) to arrange participation in a public discussion event.  Back...

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