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Cantor Michael Davis - Listener


A Listener Panel of academics and religious leaders asked questions and made comments following the testimony on each topic.


Cantor Michael DavisCantor Michael Davis has served as clergy in the Chicago area since 1998. Additionally, he founded a local clergy association, has served on national committees and trains cantors and rabbis in the area.


Prior to moving here Cantor Davis lived in Israel. While serving in the Israeli army, he refused to serve on Israeli settlements on the West Bank. He was a peace activist in Israel and has continued that work here in the United States. He has initiated many programs that bring Muslims and Jews together.


Cantor Davis says, “It is up to the powerful to safeguard the rights of the weak. As Jews we carry memories of our people’s need for the protection of others. Today, it is our privilege and duty as Jews and as Americans to guarantee the human rights of Palestinians and others living in Israel/Palestine.”  Cantor Davis is a member of Jewish Fast for Gaza (, an organization of Jewish and other clergy calling for engagement with Gaza and for opening its borders to humanitarian aid.


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