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Videos from the April 18th, 2010 Webcast of the Chicago Hearing*

  1. Welcome and Introductions [Jennifer Bing-Canar and Helena Cobban] (17:21)
  2. Property Rights [Mezna Qato Introduction and Jeff Halper Testimony] (21:48)
  3. Property Rights Moderated Discussion with the Listener Panel (33:03)
  4. Freedom of Movement [Lisa Kosowski Introduction and Jad Isaac Testimony] (25:46)
  5. Freedom of Movement Moderated Discussion with the Listener Panel (24:08)
  6. Military Aid [Josh Ruebner Introduction and Amer Shurrab Testimony] (27:01)
  7. Military Aid [Cindy Corrie Testimony] (19:10)
  8. Military Aid Moderated Discussion with the Listener Panel (29:01)
  9. Wrap Up [Helena Cobban] (07:45)

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Blogs & Others


Yotam Amit, a member of the Chicago Hearing’s Organizing Committee, summarizes the event on a blog entitled "Democracy Comes to Chicago."


See James M. Wall’s blog entitled “A Budget is Always a Moral Document.


See Groundbreaking Chicago Hearing to Ask: Does US Policy on Israel/Palestine uphold our values? by Adam Horowitz


See Chicago Hearing videos now online by Helena Cobban


See Jeff Halper to Testify at the Chicago Hearing by ICAHD


See A Bailout For Arms Dealers: US Aid and the Israeli Budget by Rela Mazali and Jesse Bacon


See Scientist is planting roses in Bethlehem by Phil Haslanger


See Watch the Chicago Hearing live on the web by American Jews for a Just Peace





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